About Us

Some 20 years ago Rev Ganshin Rock, having studied and been ordained in Japan under Rev Prof Shoshin Ichishima, moved back to England to bring Tendai Buddhism to the UK. The Tendai Shu (天台宗) is a school of Japanese Buddhism that is over 1200 years old. It was founded by Saicho (Dengyo Daishi 伝教大師) after he had travelled to China to bring back the Lotus Sutra teachings of the T’ien-t’ai School in 805CE. Based on the Ekayana principle found in the Lotus Sutra, the Tendai School utilises a wide range of practices, such as prostrations, meditation, chanting, shomyo, esoteric and pureland practices, in order to bring people to enlightenment. At our Romsey group, we try to bring many of these practices to people in an accessible way so that we may all benefit from the Tendai teachings.

We meet in the Dr Peters Centre, Mountbatten Avenue, Romsey, Hampshire on the first wednesday of every month 7-9pm.
If you’d like to join us please contact us at tendai.uk@talktalk.net

If you’d like to receive a monthly newsletter please email tendai.uk@talktalk.net with the title “newsletter”

Our Honorary Teachers
Temple Assistants


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